.., as well as all those different, particular or specialized works, such as, for example, barriers, signs (horizontal vertical), joints, lighting, ventilation, emergency, traffic control, cables and pipelines, green arrangements , etc…

This document must indicate the main clauses that will then be taken up by the special tender specifications and in particular: the categories of works, the main technical requirements, the execution times, the penalties for delays, the amount of the advance installments relating to the progress of the works, the deadline for carrying out the testing operations; such indications are required pursuant to article 16, paragraph 3 of the Italian law 26/93 and subsequent amendments, only in the case in which the project must be submitted to a technical administrative opinion.

The environmental impact study must be drawn up if the characteristics of the work fall within the thresholds set by current legislation.

The type of splitting must be drawn up only if it is necessary to activate the expropriation procedures. The type of splitting must be endorsed only when the expropriation procedure is activated.

Starting from the cadastral maps updated to the extent necessary, a plan is also drawn up showing the areas of temporary occupation as well as those to be expropriated, indicating the boundaries of the cadastral parcels concerned and all the other elements useful for identifying the aforementioned assets.

The descriptive parcel plan is drawn up separately with the list, divided by municipality, of the companies resulting from the land register, indicating the sheet, the parcels, the nature, the dimensions, the quantity and the classification of the assets and land to be occupied and / or expropriate.

First of all, the documents of the final project are integrated and adapted so as to make them conform to any requirements that emerged in the service conference, or dictated by the bodies and administrations competent for issuing concessions, authorizations, permits and opinions.

The executive project is drawn up in accordance with the final project and in particular integrates it in compliance with the provisions of Annex C to the implementing regulation of the l.p. n. 26 of 10 September 1993 and subsequent amendments

The geotechnical-geological relationship, on the basis of the geological-geotechnical relationship of the final project, must confirm the geological and geotechnical framework and possibly integrate or optimize it for unexpected needs. The geotechnical report shows all the calculations, carried out with the methods of geotechnics and rock mechanics, relating to the stability of the road body, such as settlement of embankments, stability of banks and slopes and tunnels, sizing of foundations, bulkheads, drainage works, etc.

The structural project consists of a calculation report of the load-bearing structures drawn up according to the current technical regulations on constructions and following any administration requirements. The report is accompanied by the collection of graphic and detailed drawings necessary for a clear and unequivocal definition of the works and the structural elements to be created.

The drawing of the major works of art must be on a scale of 1: 100 or, if necessary, 1:50, complete with all the details necessary for the execution and pushed to the necessary detail.

On the basis of the load hypotheses prescribed in the specific regulations in force according to the category of the road, the supporting static calculations of the dimensions of the structures must be drawn up.

In the event that the work of art involves a stream, the necessary hydraulic calculations must also be drawn up, including those for any complementary works (bridles, thresholds, grazing defenses, repellents, embankments, diaphragms, etc.).

For minor continuity and support works, to be drawn on a scale of 1: 100 or, where appropriate, 1:50, reference must be made to the current regulations on the subject, taking care to group them by type if possible.

The plant project will be drawn up in compliance with the current technical regulations, including the calculation report and the general and detailed graphic drawings (floor plans, equipment drawings ,.

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