It is important to make responsible, ethical and legal use of the information that is used when preparing an academic work. By including bibliographic references we identify ideas and information that have been taken from other authors. If you also use a standardized citation style, the recognition of the source used is favored so that anyone else can locate those documents.

The preparation of an academic or scientific work requires the inclusion of a systematic and structured bibliography. In its writing there are two fundamental elements:

The bibliographic citation managers are tools that allow you to compile a bibliography, organize it, comment on it or share it, use it for the preparation of a manuscript with a view to its publication or even adapt its style to the publishing standards of a specific scientific journal. RefWorks is the application recommended by the UAM for managing personal bibliographies of teachers, researchers and students. The UAM libraries offer training courses on the preparation of bibliographies and the use of RefWorks.

Author / s. Title of the book. Edition. Place of publication: Editorial; year. Pages. Vol. No. Chapter title.

Cicchetti D, Cohen DJ, editors. Developmental psychopathology. Vol. 1, Theory and methods. New York: Johon Wiley & Sons, Inc .; c1995. 787 p.

Author / s. Title of the book. Edition. Place of publication: Editorial; year. Pages. (Author / s. Series title. Vol. No.)

Stephens D, editor. Adult audiology. Oxford (UK): Butterworth-Heinemann; c1997. 657 p. (Kerr AG, ed. Scott-Brown’s otolaryngology; vol. 2).

Author / s of the chapter. Chapter title. In: Director / Coordinator / Editor of the book. Title of the book. Edition. Place of publication: Editorial; year. initial-final page of the chapter.

Franklin AW. Management of the problem. In: Smith SM, editor. The maltreatment of children. Lancaster: MTP; 2002. p. 83-95.

Author / s. Article title. International abbreviation of the journal. year; volume (number): initial-final page of the article.

Dawes J, Rowley J. Enhancing the customer experience: contributions from information technology, J Business Res. 2005; 36 (5): 350-7.

Harnden P, Joffe JK, Jones WG, editors. Germ cell tumors V. Proceedings of the 5th Germ Cell Tumor Conference; 2001 Sep 13-15; Leeds, UK. New York: Springer; 2002.

Author / s of the communication / presentation. Title of the communication / presentation. In: Official title of the Congress. Place of Publication: Editorial; year. initial-final page of the communication / presentation.

Anderson JC. Current status of chorion villus biopsy. Paper presented at: APSB 1986. Proceedings of the 4th Congress of the Australian Perinatal Society, Mothers and Babies; 1986 Sep 8-10; Queensland, Australian.

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