Do not write directly on the back of the figures or hold them with paper clips, as marks remain and the figure may be damaged. Figures will not be folded or mounted on cardboard.

The photomicrographs must themselves include a scale indicator. The symbols, arrows and letters used in these will have adequate contrast to distinguish them from the background.

If photographs of people are used, they should not be identifiable; otherwise, written permission must be attached to use them (see the section on the protection of the right to privacy of patients).

The figures will be numbered consecutively according to their first mention in the text. If the figure was previously published, cite the original source and present written permission from the copyright holder for the reproduction of the material. Such authorization is required, regardless of who the author or publisher is; the only exception is in documents in the public domain.

For color illustrations, check if the magazine requires color negatives, slides, or photographic prints. The inclusion of a diagram indicating the part of the photograph to be reproduced may be helpful to the director. Some magazines only publish illustrations in color if the author pays the additional cost.

The captions or legends of the illustrations shall be typed or printed double spaced, starting on a separate page, with the Arabic numerals corresponding to the illustrations. When symbols, arrows, numbers or letters are used to refer to certain parts of the illustrations, the meaning of each should be identified and clarified in the legend. In microscopic photographs explain the scale and specify the staining method used.

Length, height, weight, and volume measurements must be expressed in metric units (meter, kilogram, liter) or their decimal multiples.

All hematological and biochemical parameter values ​​will be presented in units of the metric system, according to the International System of Units (SI). However, the editors of the journals may request that, before publishing the article, the authors add alternative units or units different from those of the SI.

Use only standard abbreviations. Avoid abbreviations in the title and abstract. When an abbreviation is used for the first time in the text, it will be preceded by the full term, except if it is a common unit of measurement.

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