Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not easy every day because not having your lover near you can create many shortcomings: emotional, but also … sexual. Whether you’re away for a week, a month or more, you’ll have to put up with it. While nothing beats the pleasure of touching and feeling each other, we ended up finding quite a few small benefits in virtual sex life. Skeptics? Here are 5 reasons to agree with us!

When obstacles disrupt our daily lives, it prompts us to break away from our routine habits and be creative. Naughty texts, suggestive photos, facetime dates or phone … there are many ways to turn each other on. You will be able to test all modes of communication and invent your own codes, even games or challenges … Anything is possible, as long as we have fun!

If you’ve been apart for a few weeks but continue to “warm up” regularly, this phase of separation may well boost everyone’s libido. Indeed, desire will skyrocket and the reunion may be explosive! You will see that waiting can have good sides …

Not everyone has the same ease in expressing the secrets of their fantasies. But being far away allows us to use words about our desires or to break some taboos. In any case, communication can be made easier because you feel more free … A very good point!

Even if you’re far away, when you hang up (from a hot phone session!), You’ll never feel like you’ve been this close. Practicing virtual sex requires a lot of confidence but is very complicit.

The advantage of having a long-distance relationship in 2016 is that there are many ways to make things easier! Between Skype, Facetime and the multitude of apps dedicated to couples (our favorite, Couple, which allows you to kiss each other by touching the screen), you will become romantic geeks. Love 3.0 will no longer have any secrets for you and you will demonstrate a great capacity for adaptation!

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* Estimate of the number of couples formed on the Meetic group sites in Europe. Figure obtained by extrapolating the results of a survey carried out by Research Now in April 2018, on 59,931 people residing in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden) over the age of 18 years, to the total population of this age group (Source Eurostat 2018). It results from this study that 6% of the people questioned declared having been in a relationship with a person met on one of the sites of the Meetic group.

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